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Looking For A Career In Fun?

There are opportunities for both experienced and inexperienced job seekers at Quake. Below is a summary of the positions we are currently hiring for. You must be at least 16 years of age to apply.

Café Attendant

20-30 hrs | $16.50-18.50 / hour
The café isn’t just food service – it’s a part of the overall interactive and dynamic experience at Quake. The café’s purpose is to FUEL THE FUN! To keep the fun going, the key elements of a Café Attendant are greeting customers in a friendly, welcoming manner, taking customers’ orders, prepare great food and drinks, […]

Bar Attendant

16-30 hrs | $16.50-18.50 / hour
The Sink Hole Bar and Golf Simulator Lounge is a space where customers can hang out and have fun. A Bar Attendant increases sales by keeping customers coming back. They will need to have a great capacity for listening to customers, communicating with them, and interacting in a positive and friendly manner. A Bar Attendant […]

Game Attendant

16-25 hrs | $16.50-17.50 / hour
A Game Attendant monitors the arcade games, laser maze, laser tag arena, and VR attractions. They explain the rules, make customers play by the rules and follow proper etiquette and demonstrate how a game is played if needed. A Game attendant plays a vital role in the customers’ experience with Quake attractions. The Game attendant […]

Party Attendant

16-30 hrs | $16.50-17.50 / hour
A Party Attendant creates a ‘five-star, topnotch’ experience for our customers. Their job is to lead the party and create a fun and exciting environment for everyone attending the event from start to finish. The main functions of a Party Attendant are following up on the host requests, confirming details with the Party Leader, verifying […]

Floor Attendant

16-30 hrs | $16.50-17.50 / hour
Out of all the positions of Quake, the Floor Attendant has the most interactive and dynamic role. One might presume they are the “lifeguards” of Quake - but they are far more. Instead of being stationed off to the side, observing and engaging only when someone breaks a rule or requires assistance, a floor attendant […]

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