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Ninja Warrior Course

1200+ sq ft Ninja Warrior Course

Quake offers a state-of-the-art Ninja Warrior course complete with obstacles that start off at beginner level and increase in difficulty as you keep going.  The course is split into 3 sections so participants can stop after each section or continue to the next more difficult section.  The final section of the course has 3 Peg Maze challenges ranging from beginning to difficult testing even the most experienced Ninja Warriors skill! 


  • Only one person at a time
  • Wait until the previous jumper exits the foam pit or lane before starting
  • Do not climb on support columns
  • Do not linger in the foam pit
  • Do not fall head first into the foam pit
  • No digging, throwing or playing with the foam cubes

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The Ninja Warrior Course waits for no one!
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