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Trampoline Park

A Glimpse Inside

We are excited to give you a first glimpse into the attractions, lighting and safety features that will make up the 14,000+ sq ft Trampoline Park portion of our Family Entertainment Center in Kennewick! This video offers a variety of feature examples including launch lanes, dodgeball, dunk hoops, slack line, and battle beam. Our main court will feature a stage along with an incredible light show for parties and events. We chose to partner with Shock Trampoline (Coeur d' Alene, ID) because we believe their quality and patented safety features are far beyond any other manufacture in the market today. Our color scheme and layout will be a little different from this video, but we hope everyone gets an idea of just how awesome your experience will be at Quake!


  • Must wear trampoline socks and required wristband.
  • Somersaults not recommended.
  • Do not double bounce.
  • Do not sit or lie on the court.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • No diving or double flips into the foam pits or air bag.
  • Be alert of jumpers around you.
  • No climbing.
  • No drugs.
  • No drugs.
  • No rough housing.
  • No running.
  • No chewing gum.

No Running or Racing

Do not run or race across the trampolines (therefore no playing games such as “Tag”).

Do Not Double Bounce

Double Bouncing is attempting to propel someone higher by timing a jump as they land on the trampoline. Avoid simultaneously jumping with others close by. It is especially dangerous for larger people to double bounce smaller people. Additionally, games such as “Crack the Egg” or “Popcorn” are not allowed due to their high probability of causing an injury.

Always Land on Both Feet

When jumping, be sure to land safely. Landing on one foot may cause serious injury.

No Double Flips

Do not attempt double flips of any kind.

No Aggressive Behavior

Do not push, tackle, wrestle, or engage in any other activity that may interfere with another jumper.

No Landing on Safety Pads

Always jump near the center of the trampoline. Do not jump directly onto the safety pads, as injury may result.

Do Not Sit or Lie Down

Never sit on top of the safety pads, trampoline mats or on the top ledge of the waterfall (ramp-like) trampolines. If you need to rest, please exit the court.

Skill Level

Attempting maneuvers beyond one's skill may cause serious injury.

Dangerous Tricks

Flips and other tricks are dangerous.

Perform at your own risk only if you have sufficient skill to avoid injury to yourself or others.

What Makes Our Equipment Different?

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The Trampoline Park waits for no one!
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