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Redemption Arcade

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What makes an arcade great? Do parents walk around watching their kids or do they jump on next to them and play? Does your racing game throw you back in your seat when you tap the Nitric boost? Do the coin pushers have towers of coins creeping to the front? How about some nostalgia? When you play a fishing game, do the fish pull back at you? If your friends don't see a picture of your duck face on screen when they pass by, are you even racing?! If you don't have a giant Pacman or Centipede, are you even retro?! Does the prize counter offer trinkets that your kids are going to leave in the car or are they prizes kids want to play with. Or is mom trying to convince them to "save their points" because secretly she wants that new Michael Kors purse? Or Dad wants a tool set...

Check out our youtube channel to see Asphalt 9, Angry Birds Coin Crash, Wizard of OZ, Wicked Tuna, Hotwheels, Centipede Chaos and a sample of our many titles!

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