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Waivers are required for all customers entering the park regardless of whether they are jumping or not. The good news is that once you filled one out, they are good for a year.

Spectators are not required to pay to watch their children jump. You are welcome to have a seat on the deck, in our café or even enjoy a glass of wine up in the mezzanine and watch the kids play from there. For capacity reasons, the number of spectators and jumpers could be limited during peak times.

Entry depends on what you are interested in doing. The most common is Jump Time ($18/1hr), Toddler Arena (5 and under, $9/1hr) or Golf Simulator rental.

You must be wearing our Quake grip socks to participate in the Toddler Arena or Trampoline Park/Ninja areas of our park.

Walk-ins are welcome! We strongly advised reserving time during peak times (Friday night, Saturday, Sunday). In the rare case the park hits capacity, walk-in customers will have to wait until the next available window to enter the park.

All customers in the park have access to Laser Tag, Arcade and VR attractions but they are sold separately than Jump time. The Ninja course is included with the standard jump time (not toddler).

Our Toddler Arena is limited to ages 5 and under. Parents can enter the pen to play with their children only but may not enter the bouncy house. Bigger kids over the age of 6 are not allowed in the Toddler Arena or Bouncy House.

Our Jump Park is available to ages 6 and up. Ages 5 and under can also jump in the Jump Park but must always have a parent with them. Parents may not Jump in the same trampoline as or while holding their little ones.

Our Ninja course is subject to age and skill restrictions.

Laser Tag is subject to height and skill restrictions (you must be able to handle the equipment and see over walls).

Our Omniverse VR Areana has height/skill restrictions. Our Spree and SpongeBob VR can take smaller children but the mask has to fit firmly on their head, and they must be able to keep their balance without falling.

Outside food is strictly prohibited. Quake offers a café and has a water bottle refill station.

There are so many things to do at Quake. Here are some recommendations we have based on feedback from families that have used our park:

If you are coming for the first time, we recommend trying 1 thing out and then getting a feel for all the other areas before you decide what else you may want to purchase. We recommend a 1-hour Jump (Ages 6-adult), 1 hour Toddler Arena (ages 5 and under) or a session of Laser Tag (lasts roughly 25 minutes). Quake Grip socks are required for any Jump activities but not laser tag. They are $3.50/pair, but you can save them and bring them back with you. You can purchase any add-on attraction inside the park at the same price as the front checkout so for your first time, we recommend checking them out first.

Quake has plenty of add-on attractions for the family to enjoy but they don’t have to all be done at once. Often families will come in for a “jump day” or “Laser Tag/VR Day” instead of trying to do them all together. This gives you a unique experience each time and helps save on cost.

Our Arcade games run between 4 dino eggs ($1) and 9 dino eggs ($2.25) for some of the fancier ones. The “claw” or “crane” games will burn through an arcade card fast, but playing the video and skill games will make it last longer. We advise parents to do a quick walk around the arcade with their children and let them know which games they are allowed to play so they don’t burn all their Dino Eggs out fast. Game cards can be purchased at any price point but the $20, $30 and $50 price points add “bonus” Dino Eggs so it makes your money go further.

We have 3 VR attractions that are very popular. Our Spree VR is only $5/session and is something that parents and children can enjoy together. Our Spongebob VR is 2 rounds for $5, that can be used for 1 player going twice or most common, 2 players going once. The Omniverse Arena is our most popular, but it can be pricey for a whole family to enjoy. We recommend purchasing the “3 for $25” bundle instead of the one round for $14. These can be used for 3 people to play one round or 1 person to play 3 rounds. You can always save your gameplay and do the additional rounds another day, they don’t expire.

Sensory challenges affect many children differently. We strongly encourage you to reach out to the park ahead of time to discuss. It’s important for us that both you and your child have fun at our park. Here are some general pointers from our experience:

Quake socks have extra grip on the bottoms and the way it is striped does not stretch. For this reason, sizes run small. A child who has fabric sensitivities may not always be able to articulate this and swapping for larger size socks can make them more comfortable to wear. Another option is picking up your socks ahead of time and taking them home for your child to try on. Last, many parents will get bigger sizes and have their child wear them over socks they are comfortable with. Our socks are an important safety aspect of our park with our slick mats and epoxy floors so we can’t accommodate other styles/brands of socks.

For children with light sensitivity. Earlier in the day we have the overhead lights on and the DJ lights turned off. Every night around 6pm we turn off the lights, turn up the music and have the DJ lights going. Some children prefer the earlier experience, many prefer the later.

For noise sensitivity, we recommend coming earlier in the day. When we do have music on it is at lower levels. It is also a lot quieter on a weekday vs weekend.

Saturdays and Sundays are our busiest days and at any point in time we can have 200+ people enjoying the park.  Things slow down a bit our last couple of hours before closing.  We occasionally have a busy Friday night but not nearly the crowd as a weekend.  Monday-Thursday is a great time for those not wanting to be in larger crowds and enjoy the attractions or café/bar.  All attractions are available every day but the bar may open a bit later on weekdays.

Makeshift parties are strongly discouraged as we have limited seating at the park.  Due to limited seating, we do not allow tables to be pushed together.  Outside food is also not allowed as we have a cafe.  Please feel free to reach out to us for recommendations.  Most parents with small groups or who don’t want a Quake party typically have the celebration at a different destination then come over to Quake to play.  This is the most comfortable for both the parents and the guests.  Quake has a variety of party options that can be found on the party landing page on our website.  The designated seating is valuable, especially on a weekend where it is limited.

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