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Virtual Reality Attractions

Omniverse VR Arena

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The Omniverse allows up to 4 players at a time with games ranging from child-friendly to combat and even scary! Players can walk and run while interacting with each other in a VR environment. As a complimentary feature, players can choose to receive videos of their gameplay that they can upload and share with their friends. Player’s gameplay is automatically entered into a weekly E-sports contest where they compete with other players from around the world for cash prizes.

Spree VR Playground

Coming all the way from Germany to Kennewick, WA the SPREE offers many unique VR experiences. SPREE is an untethered attraction, allowing groups of up to 6 players to roam freely throughout the arena during gameplay. This is a fun for all ages attraction that provides an open air and less intimidating VR experience for children or even adults new to Virtual Reality games.

SpongeBob SquarePants Dynamic Duo

This 2-player thrill ride is jam-packed with motion and effects for children and parents. While one player steers through Bikini Bottom leaning left and right the other player launches Krabby Patties at hungry citizens. There are several course options to keep players coming back for more!

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